Bishhh, I DON’T want your man.

WARNING: This post has no structure and is intended for rant purposes only.

I don’t know what’s in the water lately but bitches be PSYCHO!

Yes, I am pretty.

Yes, I am fit.

Yes, I would love a companion to share life with.


I don’t know how many times I have been attacked lately by grown women because they think I’m cheating with or want their man.

Sweetheart, that’s hardly the case. Wanna know why? I already know you’re his girlfriend/wife and I abide by the girl code. I won’t even get near crossing the line. That’s what women do. Plus, your man ain’t my type. I’m picky as shit and if he ain’t a 10 in my book, I don’t want him.

(If you didn’t catch that, I just said your man ain’t a perfect 10.)

I don’t know why I’m the target for all this unnecessary drama, it truthfully hurts my feelings because if I wanted to play that game I would.

It hurts my feelings because I am so focused on being a good mom, and working to provide for my family that in my free time the last thing I want is drama. So I sit at home at my house or hang out with my grandma. I don’t drink, I don’t party, I walk away from drama, and I go to church. I’m one of those good women you read about in the history books.

So next time you wanna bring my name up, I hope you have my number so you can add me to the conversation so I can defend myself and not have to write another public blog about it. Otherwise, you don’t know shit about me, sweetie.





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