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Everything about my life as a mom; from dating, to what Cash likes to eat, to co-parenting.

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    Summer Style

    Summer is right around the corner for us Orange County locals and I couldn’t be happier. I grew up by the beach so I was always the girl rockin’ jean shorts and flip flops whenever I could. Now that I’m a mom, I wanted to refine my style a little without losing the casual OC vibe. I’m the kind of…

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    No Drip Toddler Popsicles

    When Cash was sick, I learned that nothing beats a sore throat better than a cold, sweet popsicle. I also weighed the pros and cons of letting a 2-year-old suffer from a sore throat or get popsicle drippings EVERYWHERE. Let me tell you, I really contemplated letting him suck it up because cleaning up purple and red drip stains every…

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    Co Parenting

    There’s this really weird look I get when I tell people I’m still friends with my ex, or as I like to call him, My Baby Daddy (side note: he calls me Baby Momma). It’s a bit like a deer in headlights or that I’m about to say “JUST KIDDING” and walk away. But it’s actually the truth. We are…

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    A Strong Single Mom

    Dear Quick-to-Judge I see you — staring at me with a baby on my hip, It’s obvious I’m “a little frantic.” I see how fast you judge me and how quickly your eyes go to my wedding finger. There’s no ring on there. Trust me I’ve checked. But don’t feel sorry for me, don’t think my life is a wreck, that…

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    Don’t Accept It

    I think all moms out there can agree that bouncing back after baby isn’t easy. Some moms make it look really easy and they are the 0.05%. They give bouncing back a bad name. I would be lying if I said I bounced back quickly even though I did bounce back relatively quick in comparison .   I was talking…

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    First off, I think one of the main reasons a lot of you follow/like me is because I keep it real. Which is very true. The other few of you might really just like my butt (cue the sarcasm). In a sense, I’m very transparent with you all. I believe it’s key to building lasting relationships and longevity in a…