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Dress Shopping at David’s Bridal

It’s officially the time to start wedding dress shopping! Trav and I got engaged at the end of April 2017 so since then we’ve been looking at venues and finally found one we just LOVE! This post has been sponsored by David’s Bridal but all opinions are my own.

It’s typically recommended that a bride-to-be finds her wedding dress 8 months prior to the wedding so with my wedding in June, December is a great time for me to start the exciting process of dress shopping. It’s recommended to purchase your dress 8 months in advance so the bridal shop has plenty of time to order your dress, get it altered (without a rush alteration cost), and leave time for any unexpected mishaps.

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted. I have done my fair share of pinning on Pinterest but most of them are foreign designers and/or very expensive. I am all about having an amazing wedding dress but can’t imagine spending over $2,000 on a dress I will only wear for a couple hours.

Dress Shopping at David's Bridal

I recently visited David’s Bridal for a wedding dress appointment. I live in Orange County, California so I conveniently went to the one over by South Coast Plaza. The location is upstairs and so big they have “mini shops” to organize everything. They have sections for Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Special Occasions, Bachelorette Party, and of course BRIDAL!

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

I had previously visited a boutique bridal shop that I had found online and I was so disappointed. The store was so dirty, dresses were crammed into the tiny store, and the was NO BATHROOM; and Cash had to pee the second we got there. So you could imagine my surprise when I walked into David’s Bridal. It was immaculate, spacious, and mirrors everywhere. You will be able to see what you look like in your dress from every angle and every type of lighting.

Most appointments run about 90 minutes long and that was more than enough time to find my top 3.

Here’s what you should bring:

  • Your Mom, your Sister, your Maid of Honor, your BFF, or anyone who is gonna give you their honest opinion on how you look (trust me, the truth might sting a little but you’re gonna look BOMB on your big day!)
  • Nude Undergarments and/or nipple covers. Your stylist will be in the dressing room with you helping you change. They’re super professional and see bodies all day long, but something to consider.
    • David’s Bridal also supplies petticoats, corsets, and shoes for each dress; which really surprised me!
  • Your wedding day shoes if you already have them. If not, you can borrow theirs.
  • Hair clips to give you a better idea of how you want to wear your hair with different styles of dresses.
    • David’s Bridal has plenty of veils, belts, hair pieces, etc to try on with the dresses
  • Inspo Pictures. Have 10 photos ready to show your stylist but also keep an open mind to their suggestions. I was not feeling A-Line or Ballgown but those two styles ended up in my Top 3 Favorites!!

Since I didn’t know what I wanted, I told the stylist to show me all the dresses that were  “extra” and unique. I was impressed with the pricing selection; everything is under $2000 … and they carry WHITE by Vera Wang! Ready to see all the beauties I tried on? I’ve listed them by price because I don’t want Trav seeing my favorite and getting any hints!

$0 – $500

Galina Lace Crop Top & Crepe Wide-Leg Pant: $249

Dress Shopping at David's Bridal

Dress Shopping at David's Bridal

I’m just so obsessed with that lace up back and the crepe pants are SO COMFY!!

$500 – $1,000

David’s Bridal Collection Beaded Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress: $549

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal


Truly Zac Posen 3/4 Sleeve Short Wedding Dress: $858

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

What an amazing courthouse or reception wedding dress!


Galina Signature Beaded Organza Dress: $958

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

It’s just enough pink to look like a princess and a bride, swoon!

$1,100 – $2,000

Oleg Cassini Floral Ballgown: $1,258

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

This dress was so flattering on my figure. I felt like the Queen of England in this gown. I’m not sure how I’d pee on my big day BUT it comes with pockets. I’m sold!!


Melissa Sweet Scalloped A-Line: $1,258

Dress Shopping at David's Bridal

If I had gone shopping all by myself, this is definitely one I would have picked. Right up my alley and so boho!


Zac Posen Scoop Neck Lace Wedding Dress: $1,358

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

The back of this dress, OMG! It gave me curves, it has a bow, and a low back. So flattering!


Vera Wang Tiered Organza Gown: $1,998

Dress Shopping at David's BridalDress Shopping at David's Bridal

You know that moment when you just wanna cry because you feel so beautiful? That’s how I felt in this one. Maybe it’s because it’s WHITE by Vera Wang and Vera impresses everyone from Kate Hudson in Bride Wars or Carrie from Sex In The City. This dress is seriously show-stopping.

Pearl and Crystal Peep Toe Shoes: $99.95

Dress Shopping at David's Bridal

I wore these with all of my dresses and they were very comfy! They fit true to size; I wear a size 8.



Last & Final Tips

  • Weddings are a very special occasion and you deserve to feel like a million dollars! Venture outside of your comfort zone because you’ll never get a chance to wear a dress like this again. Be a little extra, be a little more flashy, and you are the star of the show.
  • It’s ok to not make a decision on the day of your appointment. Your stylist will write down your top 3 and record them. So you can think about it before making such an important decision
  • Go celebrate with your viewing party! Save the champagne and brunch for AFTER your appointment but make sure you celebrate, this is a fun day!!!

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