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10 Terrific Ways To Give Back When You Don’t Know How

Giving back to others has always been a passion of mine. Two years ago I started a hashtag campaign called #LoveCuresAllHate. At the time, I was a single mom who was in shock by the current events. There were mass shootings, bombings, and cars running over crowds of people. Was I really going to raise my child in a world filled with hate?? The answer was NO.

So that’s where #LoveCuresAllHate came about

I realized there wasn’t going to be change without action and that one person really can make a difference. You can read more about #LoveCuresAllHate here on one of my first blog posts. But the point is that love spreads like wildfire. If you show some one love when they need it most, they will be encouraged to pass it on. Giving back doesn’t need to be a grand gesture or cost a ton of money. Like I said, I was a single mom barely getting by myself. I definitely didn’t have the funds to give back. At the time, I was more of the person who needed the love. But nonetheless, I gave back because the world needs more love. So I partnered with AfterShokz Headphones to spread holiday cheer for all to hear!



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Let’s learn a little more about AfterShokz and who they are

AfterShokz has changed the way you listen to music. They are open-ear headphones that allow you to listen to your music while still experiencing the world around you. Now, I’m not a runner but I have tried many times to become one. I love being out in the fresh air and getting a workout in. But I always hated the sensory deprivation of not being able to hear the outside noise. AfterShokz‘s headphones use bone conduction technology so your eardrums are open to your environment, super cool! They even sent me a pair to try out and they are so light, I almost forgot I was wearing them! I guess that is because the headphones are made with titanium in all the right places to make them the lightest open ear headphones to date.


How To Give Back When You Don't Know How ----- Workout, Fitness, Giving Back, Love Others #GiveGoodVibes #LoveCuresAllHate, Headphones, Fitness, Lifestyle Blogger, Mom Blogger, Orange County, Los Angeles, California, SoCal, Parenting Blogger, Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Merry Christmas, HIIT


This holiday season, AfterShokz is all about #GiveGoodVibes. For Black Friday, they are doing a BOGO (buy one, give one). If you purchase a Trekz Air or Trekz Titanium between November 23, 2018 – November 26, 2018, AfterShokz will include an open-box Trekz Titanium Slate Grey to give as a gift. So what better way to give back this holiday season, then to give a pair of AfterShokz?!

Visit https://mbsy.co/aftershokz/20571700 to sign up and be the first to know about the BOGO deal!

As a matter of fact, I think it’s such a great idea, I  decided to do my own little giveaway to jumpstart the #GiveGoodVibes campaign. Do you know someone who has been a Rockstar all year long but rarely gets the credit? Maybe a mom who always puts everyone before herself or a friend who is always there for you when you need them or your dad who has always been a hard worker but never complains? I want to give them a pair of Trekz, all you have to do is nominate them!


How To Give Back When You Don't Know How ----- Workout, Fitness, Giving Back, Love Others #GiveGoodVibes #LoveCuresAllHate, Headphones, Fitness, Lifestyle Blogger, Mom Blogger, Orange County, Los Angeles, California, SoCal, Parenting Blogger, Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Merry Christmas, HIIT


In the comment section, let me know who you think deserves these headphones the most and write me a short little reason why they deserve them. I’ll be announcing a winner on November 15, 2018

Here are some more ways to give back this holiday season

1. Compliment a stranger – Spreading love and good vibes doesn’t have to cost a penny. Next time you’re face to face with a stranger, give them a sincere compliment.

2. Leave uplifting notes on parked cars – Write out 15 short notes like “Remember you are never alone. Never forget you are loved” or “Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear”

3. Send a military care package – There are thousands of soldiers who won’t be celebrating the holidays with their families this year. Head over to AnySoldier.com to find a list of exactly what a soldier needs when overseas.

4. Donate in-season clothes – I’m guilty of donating summer clothes in the winter too but instead, donate some jackets and pants that might not be ready to donate but there are plenty of people who can use them when the weather gets cold!

5. Leave some money by a vending machine – I tape a few dollars to a vending machine with a nice note to cheer up a random stranger getting a snack

6. Grab another person’s grocery cart – We all hate putting back the grocery cart but moms with kids and the elderly could definitely use the help.

7. Bring sweet treats to the police station – You’re already making one pie, why not double the recipe and drop it off at the police station on your way to celebrate?

8. Leave laundry detergent at the laundry-o-mat – Laundry detergent is actually pretty expensive so when I did this, the people inside were super grateful of the little but practical gift.

9. Call a relative and ask how you can help them today – and don’t take no for an answer, we all need help with something!

10. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you – Always a good one. Last time I did this, the person behind me bought the coffee for the person behind them and it continued for like 10 people!


How To Give Back When You Don't Know How ----- Workout, Fitness, Giving Back, Love Others #GiveGoodVibes #LoveCuresAllHate, Headphones, Fitness, Lifestyle Blogger, Mom Blogger, Orange County, Los Angeles, California, SoCal, Parenting Blogger, Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Merry Christmas, HIIT


What are some things that you do to #GiveGoodVibes? I’m always looking for new ideas to keep the love growing!

Also, don’t forget to nominate some one to win a pair of AfterShokz Trekz in the comments.


How To Give Back When You Don't Know How ----- AfterShokz, Headphones, Fitness, Giving Back, Christmas, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Contest, Nominee, Orange County, Influencer, Christmas Shopping



  • Tyneisha

    This is very amazing! I always try to lend a smile when I see someone down, because that may brighten their entire day. I would like to nominate my friend Lynne Torgersen to win these awesome headphones. She is someone I can always call on to vent out to, and she is such a kind and loving spirit. She has a deep love for animals, especially her 2 cats Desiree and Allie, and they couldn’t have a more caring pet mom! Lynne makes me laugh every day with her wit and charm, and is one of the most honest and down to earth people I know. I think she would love these headphones and definitely deserves a great gift like this for the holiday season as a token of appreciation for her good deeds year round. Thank you for the opportunity to send her these great headphones!!!

    • Katelynn Ansari

      Thank you Tyneisha for the nomination. Your friend Lynne seems like an amazing friend and one you should hold onto because great friends like that are hard to come by. I will be picking a winner soon 🙂

  • Jennifer O’Neal

    Hi! I love your headphones! I discovered them last year and think they are just perfect!! I want to nominate my mom, Kim for the free pair! She is absolutely a total rockstar. She’s always putting her family before herself, but these last couple years she’s outdone herself. She’s the strongest, most selfless person I know. Several years ago, my dad caught a staph infection, which resulted in his left leg being amputated below the knee. She was by his side every single day, making sure he was in physical therapy, had what he needed, and was such a positive light in his life. Three years ago, my dad was diagnosised with Parkinson’s disease. It has been such a battle, but my parents rallied together and came up with a game plan for the both of them to become as strong and healthy as possible as he began treatments. I believe my mom has been the pillar my dad has needed to continue on everyday. Later that same year, my mom discovered she has muscular dystrophy; a disorder that will break down her muscle over time, with the possibility of losing total use of several major muscles in her body. Through all that, my mom is the sweetest, most generous person you would ever meet. She’s so uplifting and tries to see each day in a positive light. Fitness has also become such an important part in her life. She’s made it a priority for herself and my dad to change their everyday routine in little ways to strengthen and improve their health. If all of that wasn’t enough, this year my dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Out of everything that has happened over the last several years, this diagnosis hit the hardest. My dads health rapidly has been decreasing over the last several months. This forced my dad, who has been a doctor for the last 36 years into retirement 4 years earlier than planned. My mom has been a nurse equally as long, and has had to retire as well to take care of him. Within 6 months, she had to help my dad close his practice and direct hundreds of his patients to a new doctor. She was in charge of nearly all that work; hours and hours of unseen and at times unnoticed work. She then had to pack up her home in Virginia and move. For the last 3 months, my parents have been at a prostate cancer treatment center in Florida. My moms been by my dads side at every doctors appointment, every physical therapy session, every morning when he needs help getting out of bed, and every moment in between. She is so brave and so strong, she never complains and she doesn’t get nearly the recognition she deserves. Anyway, a couple months ago my mom mentioned she was looking for a good set of Bluetooth headphones, and I recommended your brand. With the change in income due to early retirement, she was hesitant to purchase anything. Your headphones would be perfect for her. They would allow her to continue on her fitness journey but still have an open ear to listen for my dad if he needed additional assistance. I hope you take into consideration how amazing I think she is, and how deserving she really is! Thank you!

    • Katelynn Ansari

      Oh my gosh. Your mom seems like such a rockstar!! Thank you so much for your submission Jennifer, I will be picking a winner soon 🙂

  • Susana Saenz

    This was an amazing article. I’ve been looking for a deal to get these for my hubby for work and found this article. I’m not sure if it’s too late, but I’d like to nominate my husband . He is an amazing person who always gives and tries to help ppl when he can, to include me. He is my rock! He served in the military for 12 years and deployed 4 times. His last deployment getting a Purple Heart. He’s always super supportive not only to me, but also to his two teenage kids. I can’t say enough good things about him. I know he’d love a pair of these for work, because he’s told me so. Specially since he works at night by himself in an open bay. Thank you for this article again . I think this’ll be a great Xmas gift for him

    • Katelynn Ansari

      Wow! Your husband seems like an amazing man and you two seem so supportive of one another! Thanks for your submission, I’ll be picking a winner soon!

  • Susana Saenz

    He is an amazing guy! 🙂
    Thank you for your response 🙂
    He’s a great husband and dad, but most of all, he’s been my best friend for the past 12 years 🙂

  • Susana Saenz

    Ofcourse!!! I just sent you an email. I didn’t know what to say , but thank you for all the wonderful things you do, and for your blogs!

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